I questioned if this dream would ever become a reality. Spent nights wondering if putting my own name on something this big was a huge mistake. There were plenty of sleepless ones before that too, but after years of chasing sales goals and not my own life goals, I knew I had to do something more for me, and for guys like me.

Spending the height of my teens and young adult life in batwinging t-shirts, and hoodies three times my actual width doesn’t even begin to cover it. Forget trying to look cool, I was lucky to have all of my important stuff clothed, and fully covered at the same time. As I continued to grow, I realized I could own my presence to accomplish something more than a basketball championship.

I put my best size-14 forward and dialed in on being the most successful real estate guy I could be - but when the tall buildings and dream home searches didn’t quite cut it anymore, I couldn’t figure out why. Didn’t I do everything right? Stayed focused, pushed my career, and lived a pretty comfortable life. But that was the problem: familiarity breeds complacency. So I aimed my goals high and set my new standards even higher.

Drew Michael Clothing needed to be something I could stand behind, and that other tall guys like me could stand to wear. This means we always put suppliers and producers to the test - they’re not just cutting and sewing - they’re holding the very fabric of our dreams in their hands, and it’s gotta feel right.

Stepping out of your comfort zone can feel like a roller coaster. For me, it’s like riding one without a maximum clearance height listed, and not knowing where the track leads. Though I’ve gotten some bumps to the head, I’ve learned more than when to duck and when to double stitch. I’ve also learned that if we need things to change, we need to learn how to change them ourselves.

Are you in?

- D.M.